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Upholstery Cleaning

When's the last time you thoroughly cleaned your upholstery?

Did you know your upholstered furniture is harbouring a variety of unappealing things? You won't be able to see it with the naked eye, but hidden in your upholstery are bits of food, grease, dead skin cells, oils, dirt, pet saliva, hair, and dander. The comfy couch you’ve had for years doesn’t seem quite so appealing anymore, does it? 


Not to worry - On Command Cleaning and Restoration has your back! On top of all our usual restoration work we also offer professional upholstery cleaning to keep your home or office looking great! You’ll be amazed at just how much of a difference a professional upholstery cleaning can make. 

upholstery cleaning vancouver - On Command Services - property maintenance
property maitenance and upholstery cleaning - On Command Services - Vancouver, BC
upholstery cleaning services - Vancouver, BC - On Command Services

Reasons to invest in upholstery cleaning

Every time you sit down on your upholstered furniture, you’re causing the fabric to release some of the allergens trapped within the fibres. This can of course cause problems for individuals with allergies, but it also negatively impacts the air quality in your home or office. It’s important to give your upholstery a thorough deep cleaning occasionally to remove all of these allergens and maintain your air quality. 


Your furniture is a big investment - keeping it clean and regularly removing any stains or odours from the fabric will help to extend the life of your furniture. You know that faded, thinning fabric appearance that upholstery will sometimes get? This is actually caused by dirt and dust in the fabric - these particles act like little bits of sandpaper rubbing against the fabric. Regular cleanings will remove this dirt and dust and keep it from thinning over time.


If your home has recently suffered water or smoke damage, your upholstery will need a bit of extra TLC to get it back to its former glory. If there has been a fire in your home, the smoke and soot will wreak havoc on your upholstered furniture, even if it wasn’t directly in the line of fire. It’s important to have your furniture professionally cleaned to prevent permanent staining. Water damaged furniture needs to be cleaned in order to remove any bacteria or other pathogens that were present in the water.​

Why you should invest in professional upholstery cleaning services

You may be tempted to rent an upholstery cleaning machine from your local grocery store and tackle this project yourself, but we strongly recommend you don’t go this route! We’ve been doing upholstery cleaning with professional grade equipment for years and know all of the potential issues that can arise. This means we’re able to take preventative steps to avoid issues, and leave your furniture looking fantastic! 


One of the main issues with DIY upholstery cleaning is that moisture gets left behind. This remaining moisture can cause significant mold, mildew, and staining issues. Many of the cleaning machines you can rent from a store do not have the same water extraction power that our professional machines have, and while your upholstery may feel dry once you’re done, there could still be moisture trapped deeper within the furniture that hasn’t been brought to the surface yet. 


Give us a call today to find out more and get a free quote for upholstery cleaning.

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