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Carpet Cleaning

When's the last time you gave your carpets some attention?

Did you know that On Command Cleaning and Restoration also offers professional carpet cleaning services? Tired of all the slightly discoloured areas, or worse, obvious stains on your carpet from years of spills, dirt, and grime? We’ve got you covered! We’ll have your carpets looking brand new again in no time. 

carpet cleaning near me in Vancouver - On Command Services - property maintenance and restoration contractors
property maintenance and restoratoin contractors - carpet cleaning near me - Vancouver, bc
carpet cleaning near me - Vancouver, BC - On Command Services - Restoration contractors

Reasons to invest in carpet cleaning

Did you know that carpets can trap pollutants such as mold spores, dirt, dust, pet hair, and even pesticides? These pollutants have a negative impact on the air quality in your home or building, and can even begin to affect the health of everyone in the space. Carpets can also be an ideal breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and even mites! If your carpets become damp or dirty, the bacteria and germs build up even more quickly. Regular carpet cleaning allows you to keep these air pollutants to a minimum, and maintain your air quality. 


If your home or building has recently suffered water of fire damage, your carpets are going to need some extra care to get them looking good again. Even if your carpet wasn’t in the direct line of fire, it’s important to have it professionally cleaned to prevent permanent staining from the smoke and soot. Water damaged carpet needs to be thoroughly cleaned and dried in order to remove any bacteria or other pathogens that were present in the water. Depending on what type of water damage your home or building experienced - the carpet may actually not be salvageable (think sewer water or flood water from a nearby river) as this water contains harmful pathogens. 


Cleaning your carpets is a quick and easy way to give your home or building a little makeover! Clean carpets will enhance the appearance of any room, and speaks volumes about the overall cleanliness of a home or facility. Professional cleanings are able to breathe new life into even the oldest and dingiest of carpets. Regularly cleanings can also extend the life of your carpets! 

Why you should invest in professional carpet cleaning services

While you may be tempted to pop out to your local grocery store to rent a DIY carpet cleaning machine for a weekend, we really don’t recommend going this route. We have been cleaning carpets professionally for many years, and with this comes the knowledge to be able to avoid common mistakes and issues that can arise with carpet cleaning. 


People using DIY carpet cleaning machines often notice fibre damage after cleaning, yellowing, over-wetting of the carpet, and overuse of harsh soaps that can leave a sticky residue behind (this will even manage to trap more dirt and filth that carpets usually do). Plus you have to wonder where that machine has been and who used it last - has it ever been cleaned since the store purchased it years ago? With professional carpet cleaning, you don’t have to worry about any of these things! Our methods won’t leave your carpet fibres damaged, cause any staining, or leave behind excess soap - and you don’t have to question how clean our machine is! 

Give us a call today to find out more and get a free quote for carpet cleaning! 

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